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Young Alex and Kyle Fuck

Added: 2023-02-08

Kyle explains that he and Alex are back from a hard day at school and ready to play. They kiss and make out while jerking each other. Kyle seems especially eager to suck Alex, whose face lets us know just how good it feels. They exchange some deep kisses, before Alex sucks Kyle. After more erotic kissing and sucking, they slip into a comfortable 69. We are treated to excellent close-ups of the two at play. With his finger probing Kyle’s hole, Alex is about to fuck him. We see a naughty side-by-side insertion and a very affectionate fucking that becomes more athletic as they shift positions. During their fucking and kissing, we get an intimate peek deep into Alex’s tight smooth hole. Alex rolls over on his back so that Kyle can ride his dick. They embrace, kiss, and fuck. After slipping into a side-by-side jerk off, Kyle kneels to drop his load on Alex’s face, neck and shoulder. Then he licks a wad off of Alex’s forehead. Then both watch Alex’s cock intently, until it explodes with a couple of geyser shots, the second directly into his own mouth. Kyle licks Alex’s gooey cock. They kiss, eat some more cum, and kiss.