Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Torque and Shane Sucking Dick

Added: 2021-11-26

Torque and Shane are watching a movie and rubbing their bulges. Torque reaches over to feel Shane’s package, before they strip off their shirts and tug down Shane’s pants. When Shane rubs Torque’s growing bulge, Torque gets Shane super hard. Then Torque tugs off his own pants and gets more serious about sucking Shane’s dick. In return, Shane aggressively uses his tongue stud on Torque’s shaft. Finally, Shane fires off multiple rounds into his own face. Torque plays in Shane’s cum and tastes it, before giving his dick some attention. Coaxing out Torque’s cum shot, Shane rubs his torso. When Shane rolls over onto his stomach, Torque stands above him and jerks off until he squirts all over Shane’s smooth ass cheeks and then licks up his own mess.