Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Straight Vincenzo Jacking Off

Added: 2022-12-21

Vincenzio starts by inserting two fingers into his button-fly jeans. Before long, the jeans are unbuttoned, revealing more buttons on the black boxers and a tempting bulge. Vincenzio works his two fingers inside the fly, stirring up a nice woody, which he soon lets poke itself out. After letting at least one ball peek out, Vincenzio removes his t-shirt, casually showing off his tight lean body, and sexy happy trail. Finally, he tugs down his underwear, making a lot of faces and moaning while he jerks off. Knowing that we like to watch straight boys beat their meat, Vincenzio throws his head back and really strokes, making his hefty balls bounce and cock thicken up and leak. Continuing his two-finger jerk off, he also fingers his hairy ass. Then Vincenzio lets Joe jack him off on camera, leaking and smiling to show how much he likes the attention. With his cock throbbing and dripping some major leakage, Vincenzio suddenly pushes Joe’s hand away. He’s almost lost it, but obviously doesn’t want to cum just yet. Catching his breath, and tasting his major leakage, Vincenzio carefully applies some lubrication and gets back to business. When it’s too much for him, Vincenzio dumps a pretty messy load, splashing his shoulder and the pillow.