Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Straight Jake and Aries Fuck

Added: 2024-03-25

In this hot gay 4 pay scene, the intense kissing between Jake and Aries seems genuinely passionate. Jake keeps finding his way back to Aries’ dick, in a variety of positions. When Aries strokes on Jake’s cock, while simultaneously stroking himself, Jake looks as if he’s about to blow. Aries rewards Jake by giving him some pretty good head for a beginner and then even lets Jake fuck his face briefly. When Jake eats Aries’ ass, the camera takes you there. But Jake, not surprisingly, wants Aries to fuck him. After they have fucked for a while, Aries stands up with Jake still on his cock and keeps fucking, while carrying him over to a couch, where he really gets serious. Aries lubes up Jake before fucking him doggy and then flipping him on his back for the final thrusts. Then, kneeling over Jake, Aries spews a generous load on his chest and abs. Jake then leans back in Aries’ arms and seriously pounds his cock until he gets his well-earned nut.