Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Straight Boy Rod Fucks Kyle

Added: 2024-02-02

Kyle walks in on straight boy Rod, who has apparently relaxed with his porn video still blasting on the TV. When asked if he’d like a massage, Rod offers no resistance and Kyle begins gently working his torso, before unbuckling his pants. Kyle finds Rod’s cock to be pretty big, and a blow job soon has it stiff. Kyle strips off his shirt to reveal a lean torso, and continues his relentless blow job, until Rod finally gushes. Then Rod unzips Kyle’s pants and takes his still soft dick in his mouth. Moving to a 69 for a while, Rod suddenly curls up and tongues his cock head, enjoying the leaking precum. Kyle and Rod take turns sucking Rod’s dick, both sharing and enjoying the taste of his precum. Even when Rod throws his legs back over his head to tongue his cock more deliberately, he continues to share himself with Kyle. Then Kyle lets the straight boy fuck him for a short time, before Rod sucks Kyle until he spews his load right on his head.