Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Straight Boy Karod Beating Off

Added: 2022-12-23

After a close-up of jeans being unzipped, Karod kicks back on the sofa and rubs a growing bulge through his boxers. If his complexion is less than perfect, his lean torso, hairy legs and thick happy trail more than compensate. Not to mention his solid and reliable dick. Settling into a very comfortable jerk off, Karod rubs two spit-coated fingers over his dickhead. Karod’s jerk off technique is casual and versatile: starting with his right hand, then shifting to his left. Then he finally tries a two-handed approach, after mixing in a little lubrication and two more fingers of spit. With the chick in his straight porn video screaming, Karod unexpectedly grabs a dildo. He teases his very hairy ass, making his dick super hard, but there is never any real penetration. This dude is too tight and too straight for that. Rolling over on his back, Karod splatters his face and torso with a messy load of warm cum.