Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Straight Boy Justin Jacks Off

Added: 2022-11-23

Justin may remind you of that friendly, fresh-faced, all-American boy down the hall, for whom you lusted all during your freshman year in college. And Justin is a horny little fucker, managing to maintain both a running commentary and an extreme boner throughout the session. He never shuts up and never loses focus on the task in hand. When his jacket and turtleneck come off, we see that Justin has an awesome lean body. He jacks his steely 7 inches slowly and steadily, also tugging on his balls. You’ll love the way he arches his back and fucks his fist athletically, a technique which also shows off his newly acquired six pack. Kneeling to face the camera and looking just awesome, Justin suddenly loses control and hurriedly lays back down to spew his skater dude spunk. His spewing is fun, if not spectacular to watch. And this straight boy decides to taste his cum, explaining it tastes better if you eat a lot of candy bars.