Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Simon Fucks Straight Boy Silver

Added: 2024-02-05

Simon’s friend Silver is willing to try some new things with him. They start off kissing and biting nips when Simon moves his mouth to Silver’s dick. After he rips Silver’s pants off and removes his own, they feel each other’s cocks. Simon is all smiles watching his straight friend blow him. Then he gets the lube out and fingers his friend’s ass until slowly pushing his hard cock inside. Once Silver is used to having Simon’s dick in his virgin ass, Simon slowly fucks his friend, going all the way in. Then they jerk themselves off for a minute before resuming the fucking. Silver is on his stomach, with ass in the air, as Simon fucks him a little more. Finally, the two stroke out their cum loads.