Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Seth and Torgue Flip Fuck

Added: 2022-01-05

Torque and Seth hook up, and they are soon locked in some deep and passionate kisses. They strip and Torque works his mouth down Seth’s body to his wonderfully fat cock to give it a good servicing. Torque turns into a moaner when Seth sucks his dick and rims his ass, going deep with his studded tongue. Then Torque fucks Seth on his back. In return, Seth gives Torque a hard ass pounding. When Torque gets too close to climax, they take a quick breather. Seth sucks Torque, who twitches and then explodes in Seth’s face, and well beyond. Torque then finger fucks Seth, while he strokes himself off, arching his back and unleashing a torrent of thick cum onto his own hairy chest.