Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Self Sucking Damon Gets Fucked

Added: 2022-01-30

After stripping naked, Ricky takes Damon’s entire cock into his mouth with no effort. Damon returns the favor by getting Ricky up on his knees so he can suck his beautiful dick. Then Ricky bends Damon over himself so he can suck on his own cock. Ricky lubes up Damon’s ass and slips right in, fucking him on the sofa. With his legs over Ricky’s shoulders, Damon moans with pleasure, as he takes a deep pounding. Even more so when he’s flipped over and drilled from behind. The fucking continues until Damon shoots his plentiful load all over his chest. Ricky wipes the cum on his hand and slips it into Damon’s mouth. As he sits on the couch, with Damon’s face hanging above his cock, Ricky shoots a big load onto his face.