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Devon Strokes His Morning Wood

Added: 2023-02-19

We look in on Devon as he’s waking up with a morning woody that needs to be taken care of. This beautiful young man rouses from a restful sleep, naked, in his own bed. His cock slowly grows as he gently pushes the covers back to expose his exquisite physique. His hand dances across his smooth tight stomach, tumbling down the rippling abs to find that growing manhood that’s ready to be stroked. As he slowly comes to, Devon starts gently rubbing his body against the bed sheets. Soon the comforter is off and he’s fingering his ass and stroking his morning boner. He pours some lube over it and starts pounding his fist over it in a dreamlike state. When it’s time to cum he stops jacking and lets his cock do its own work shooting a huge load up onto chest and abs.