Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Dawson Strokes His Stiff Dick

Added: 2022-11-10

Dawson has just got back from some Gay Pride events and is horny as all hell. In no time he has his cock out and working up a stiff one. This boy just keeps the pre cum flowing and loves to lick it off his fingers. Dawson reaches for the dildo and starts fucking himself silly with it. On his back and on all fours so you get a good look at the sex toy sliding in and out of his tight ass. Kicked back on the sofa, and with his mouth open, he shoots almost every one of his thick cum streams straight into his mouth and all over his face. Using his whole hand he wipes up what’s left and licks it clean. But it’s not over yet. Dawson lets us follow him into the shower for one more soaped up wank. Lying in the bathtub he has a finger up his ass, while pounding away at his meat. Back in the living room he shoots another squadron of cum streams all over his smooth naked body and into his open mouth.