Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Curious Str8 Boys Sucking Dick

Added: 2023-02-28

These two self-proclaimed curious straight boys start off by stroking each other’s dick. Preston accepts an invitation from Tappher to try sucking his cock and he’s not too shy about it. Tappher kneels to feed some cock to Preston, who turns out to be pretty hungry, for a straight dude. They try a 69 on the floor and as Preston exerts himself even more, his face and neck get pretty flushed. Preston is most at home stroking his own cock, which he does with obvious confidence. Tappher is first to announces that he’s close to cumming. This prompts Preston to offer his face for target practice. Tappher shoots a powerful load all over Preston, and far beyond. His face coated in Tappher’s cum, Preston strokes his meat until finally releasing a load.