Skater Boys and Curious Straight Guys Tasting Cock and Fucking Ass

Christian and Jayden Stroking

Added: 2021-08-15

Christian and Jayden drop their pants and pull their dicks out. Whacking away, Christian keeps looking over at Jayden’s cock, clearly wanting to take matters into his own hands. So that’s what he does, and Jayden looks down at his dick being handled for the first time by another guy. Taking off all their clothes, Jayden kneels up on the couch and wants more attention from Christian, who is happy to oblige. Christian actually spends more time with his hand on Jayden’s cock than he does on his own. Then Christian points his stiff dick toward himself and shoots a nice load all over his torso. With Jayden taking his time, Christian offers to help and takes hold of Jayden’s cock. As Christian keeps stroking him, Jayden isn’t able to hold back any longer and shoots a huge cum load onto his abs.