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Amateur Kenny Jacking Off

Added: 2021-11-28

If you like your guys looking pretty butch, with lean and lightly muscled bodies, pierced nips, shaved head, Kenny’s for you. We join him in the back of his pickup truck, parked in a garage. Kenny has made a nicely padded nest for himself, in the back of the truck, stocked with porn magazines and lube, and looks pretty comfortable as he gets to it. If you have a thing for dudes in white socks, you’ll like the way white socks look on Kenny, especially in contrast to the blue bed of the truck. Kenny may look pretty butch, but he finds his stimulation in fingering his ass. With some lube, Kenny finger fucks his hairy hole, shifting at just the right moment from one finger to two. Standing and leaning against the truck’s cab, Kenny looks awesome. His jerk off technique is superb, with lots of wrist and finger action. The result is wads of cum all over Kenny’s abs, some of which he eats, of course.