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After skateboarding J.P. finds a place to jerk off. He pulls off his jeans and wanks his huge cock until it erupts onto his stomach.  
Jay jerks on his dick in a sauna while he gazes at a porno magazine. He pays no attention to the hovering camera. He is on a mission…His assignment…to blow his load.
They're watching a porno when Lukas comments, They're going at it, like pretty hard. Wanna go at it? Sure! And that¡¦s how it starts between these two skater boys. Rubbing the growing bulges in their pants, to rubbing legs, to rubbing balls and hard dicks. Lukas kisses Adam and then sucks him. Adam sucks Lukas, they get completely naked and end up fucking on the floor (that's all you wanted to know right?). It's a fun video and we're pretty damn sure that you're going to like this one.
Come Along - J.P.
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Yum - Jay
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Adam & Lukas
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After these bad boyz find safe haven in a secluded spot, Cory grabs TJ’s crotch and the foreplay begins. They suck each others hard cocks with necessary roughness and then Cory begs to be fucked. TJ pounds his ass pretty good and makes Cory blast out a big load. TJ shoots one onto his chest.  
After stroking his big cock Casper lubes up his butthole and begins stuffing in various sex toys. At the end of a determined wank Casper pops a load all over his face.
Toby and Isaac each do a great solo scene and then get together for a fun duo solo scene. The curiosity between these two straight boys as they lay next to each other jerking off is so intense. The little glances, nervous chitchat, and playful exchanges lead to a spectacular simultaneous cum shot. These guys are fun to watch as they jerk their 18 year-old dicks together. Im gonna cum. ME TOO!
Cory & TJ
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Casper Cox
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Issac & Toby
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Dakota is watching some porno when he pulls out his long cock and starts stroking. It’s not long before he blows a killer wad on his face and in his mouth.  
You get to watch him do skateboarding tricks during a hot afternoon with his shirt off, and then, when his tired of that, and is really horny, you get to watch him skate off to a public restroom where he takes advantage of one of the big public stalls. This guy just loves jerking off.
What would a Defiant contest be without Shane? This serious stroker shows up to give a lesson in splooge soaring that they won’t soon forget. Shane toys with his precum and uses it to lube up his ass pucker before he sticks a finger in it. Whatever buttom he pushed, must have been the right one, because when this boy lets his load loose, it flies further than anyone else!
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Views: 24,974
Victor is a pretty skinny, angular dude, especially in contrast to Tony. Victor’s from Russia, we’re told. Victor’s horny, we can see for ourselves. He just might have some form of attention deficit disorder, since he cannot commit to a particular position or to a particular magazine. He constantly moves around trying to find just the right position for his stroke session, but never misses a beat. He keeps flipping through his straight porn mags in search of the perfect image: first there’s one mag; later there’s two; then three, then four—all spread out at the same time in front of Victor. We get a variety of close-ups, including some of his increasingly flushed face and nice balls. Impatient to get himself off, Victor succeeds beautifully, with 6 potent spurts up his torso, collecting under his neck. He rubs his goo around, tasting it repeatedly, eventually capturing an especially slippery and appetizing boy oyster.  
When Devon finds Kyle hitting the books a little too hard, Devon knows just what to do to help Kyle blow off a little steam! The handsome pair start kissing in the kitchen and before too long all of their clothes come off and the temperature starts rising! After taking turns licking each other’s love poles, the sexy man magnets head off to a bedroom where Kyle quickly unloads a thick pile of jizz all over Devon’s face! Devon follows suit and decorates his well-shaped abs with his own paste!
Che slips out of his clothes to reveal a raging hardon. He lubes up his cock and his tight hole. He shoves a red dildo up his ass, and he loves it. He gets on his knees and fucks a flesh-colored dildo. He loves it even more. He shoots a hot load all over his tummy.
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Devon & Kyle
Views: 24,867
Views: 23,957
Brock’s spending some down time in the bathtub reading a mag and stroking his cock. It doesn’t take him long and he spews a load onto his face.  
The porno flick seems to do the trick with these guys as it doesn’t take long for their hard cocks to come out to play. Matthew has some flavored condoms he wants to try so he slips one on his own cock and Vincenzo goes down on him then Matthew puts one on Vincenzo and sucks his cock. They finish off by squirting onto each others chests.
Caught jerking off in the garage Woody puts on a good show. He works his cock and strokes it hard until he drops a load on the floor.
Views: 23,466
Matthew & Vincenzo
Views: 24,279
Woody Steel
Views: 23,232
Always popular, always horny Matthew explains that he and Rod are ¡§about to watch a video here and think maybe you guys would wanna watch us watch a video.  
Super horny James needs to squeeze one out so he releases his cock and starts wanking. A little butt play helps James to coax out a huge nut.
TJ chases puka punks Dexdon and Jace into a garage and makes them go down on him. They devour his cock and he rough teases them with it until their faces get painted with his load. Dexdon and Jace continue on their own as they check each other out orally. Jace plows Dexdon’s tight asshole and soon busts his nut then Dexdon dumps a load onto his own face.
Matthew & Rod
Views: 23,125
James O'Neil
Views: 24,876
Dexdon, Jace & TJ
Views: 23,523
We find our pal Shane on the roof, enjoying a windy, beautiful day, oblivious to sounds of traffic on the streets below. He explains that he is decided to take my adventures elsewhere, which apparently means that he is brought his newest porno mag and his irrepressible hard-on outside for some fresh air. Never takes Shane long to rub up a good woody. Soon he unbuckles and unzips, letting his eager woody poke out of the fly of his blue boxers. Soon it is too warm for his t-shirt. Then the baggy shorts and boxers have to go, too lets get rid of these. This gives Shane access to his eagerly anticipated leakage, which he laps up hungrily. Before long Shane is obviously aiming for his mouth, and you willll be hoping he splatters the window behind him. Too much wind. His volleys of cum are blown off course and splash his upper body. Pretty average load for the prolific Shane, but still enough to provoke his signature exit line seem to have made quite a mess of myself and the surroundings.  
 I hear Billy wants to fuck me tonight. We will see how that goes, announces a pretty macho Kent. Voicing the fantasies of many of you, Billy admits Like to be the first guy to fuck Kent. Not shy, Kent peels off his clothes. Not shy, Billy starts jacking off Kent, saying something like, Feels like it is really nice to meet you. Stripped, Kent stands and Billy assaults his formidable weapon with his mouth.
Rumors have spread like wild fire about the powers of the massage table. Mike, Rod and Silver are all relaxing after a busy day of finals and are discussing all of the wild stories they have heard about the action on the table during the week. Silver climbs on top, and sure enough, the boys crowd around to give him some much needed physical attention. Mike and Rod take their turns with Silver’s cock and Silver, in turn favors them. Mike decides he wants to try a little back door action and Silver tries to slide in, but Mike can’t handle it so they settle for a double-headed dildo and fuck each other’s brains out!
Views: 24,235
Billy & Kent
Views: 24,430
Mike, Rod, Silver & Tag
Views: 23,821
Camo Kaos is shirtless and ready for action! He starts off slowly, choking his chicken on the couch. Soon his ass gets some much-needed attention and he teases it with a pink toy before squirting his chest with his creamy load!
What's really crazy is that only now, with 30 minutes still left on this video, do we get to the circle jerk scene you have been waiting for. Only now do Defiant's big guns cum out, as Adam and Bradley Shaw join Nate, Shane, and Justin.
Eh, whats goin on I havent jacked off in three days, begins this sexy Irish boy. Gettin ready to watch some porn. Hope you enjoy it. You will. Corbin rubs his bulge through his sweats and then through his boxers, before pulling out at least seven inches of cock that is so hard it springs tight up against his abs. He knows how to handle himself, applying just enough lubrication to keep up some juicy jackin, sometimes with one hand, sometimes with two.
Views: 24,025
Sportin' Wood
Views: 24,192
Views: 23,786
After these two dudes undress each other Koston dives down on Dempsey’s cock. Dempsey returns the favor and they go sixty-nine for a while. Dempsey fucks Koston’s mouth then makes Koston blow his load. Dempsey gives Koston a nice facial.  
As Alex assumes his rightful position on the couch, his hard-on is already visible through his pants. Once he’s naked he double fists his shaft, working it from all angles. As the girls on the DVD he’s watching scream louder and louder Alex gets stiffer and stiffer too. With one eye on the porn and his spit lubed hand rubbing his johnson, Alex finally lets loose and drains his pipe.
Bama is a straight boy, and this is his first time fooling around with a gay gay. He seems a little hesitant, but he also seems to enjoy Roar's lips around his cock. Bama kisses Roar, and he doesn't seem to mind that either. Once these two get going, it's hard to tell Bama is straight. (Watch him shoot his load.) Afterwards, we learn that Bama had a lot more fun that he expected to have.
Dempsey & Koston
Views: 23,335
Alex West
Views: 24,977
Shane & Bama
Views: 23,213
After a quick hello to the camera, our talent goes right to their pants! Hands find their way inside and before long the clothes are on the floor! New comer Austin isn't shy and steps up, er, I should say, kneels down for Joey Valentino's newbie rod. Everyone watches, but pretends they aren't but the hot man action sure gets their attention. Since he's the middle man on the couch, Joey becomes the splooge sponge and everyone takes a turn draining their pipes!  
Chase is something of a pretty boy and definitely a horny boy. Why don’t you come and join me. he asks, invitingly, stripping down to his FTL boxer briefs. Chase has perfect brown quarter-size nipples which stand out as he rubs his FTL bulge, and then rubs his cock on his abs. Leaking right out of the gate, he licks his fingers. Chase looks fuckin hot when he stands to show off his 7+ cock and his stringy precum.
Reclining on his bed, Camden strokes on his cock then flips his legs over his head and dumps a load on his face.
More Hot Facial
Views: 24,235
Chase Hunter
Views: 23,477
Views: 23,213
Cole is rubbing his crotch as he watches a porn flick and he soon pulls out his boner. After a good wanking on his huge cock Cole chucks out a mega nut.  
Back from an afternoon of skateboarding, Tag climbs onto the kitchen table and starts stroking his hard cock. Tag manages to suck his own cock as he brings himself close and in no time he’s unleashing a huge load onto his face.
Dan starts this scene by telling us that Anthony is going to suck on him and maybe cum on him. Anthony looks very pleased by that announcement and he can’t wait to get started. He’s got his pants pulled down with his hard dick in hand and he waits eagerly for Dan to pop that cock head out from his boxer briefs. So you all want to see Anthony suck my dick. Its like someone fired the starting pistol. Anthony swoops down on Dans hard-on in a second and he doesnt come up for air for several minutes. Dan just lays back, bites his lip and savors every motion of Anthonys hot mouth.
Cole Steel
Views: 23,685
Jizzers - Tag
Views: 24,187
Dan & Anthony
Views: 23,443
Look what I found in the lobby for you! Says Derrick Hanson as he throws a girlie magazine to Shane and keeps a boy magazine for himself. Lying on the hotel bed together they flip through the pictures of the magazines showing each other what pictures are turning them on. Derrick grabs a hold of Shane is cock through his jeans but he is soon unbuckling Shane is belt and getting all his clothes off. Holding onto Shanes balls, Derrick slips his lips down over the head of Shanes cock. Thats pretty good! says Shane, this being the first time a guy has given him head. And it must be pretty good and intense as he soon shoots an enormous load all over himself as Derrick jacks him off. Derrick starts to jack off while Shane cleans up but then decides to hold off to see if he can get more of Shane later.  
As Cory skates down the street Reese runs into him and arouses his anger. Cory leads Reese to his bedroom and they start undressing and checking each other out. The blowjobs begin and after some rough head Cory stuffs his big cock up Reese’s butthole. Reese takes his turn on Cory’s ass but Cory would rather be the fuck-meister. Reese spews a monster load onto his chest and Cory squeezes his batter onto Reese’s face.
Look for this guy on public transportation cause this kid jerks off EVERYWHERE! Planes, trains, and even the backseats of cars, Zach tugs it whenever and wherever the mood strikes! Gay and proud, this guy loves the 69 and loves to get fucked. He gets naked and yanks his chain like he’s home alone! Just when he’s about ready to bust he pulls his legs to his chest and sprays his mouth, coating it with man paste!
Derrick & Shane
Views: 24,135
Cory & Reese
Views: 24,977
Zach Peters
Views: 23,213
Sean introduces himself as a newbie, here to shoot his first video, and cops to having kinda a shoe fetish. Okay, then, dude. Just do it. He does it. On the Defiant couch, of course, spitting on his hand for some lubrication and wrapping that slimy hand around his cock. As he gets started, the camera zooms on some athletic shoes surrounding him. Sean drops a few more gobs of spit in his hand and drops one directly on his dick for lubrication, why do I find that so fuckin hot. His right hand is tucked inside one of those shoes he is so fond of. He is even more fond of his cute boyfriend, Travis, who comes into the scene to help Sean out. They kiss, which makes Sean super hard. Travis kisses Seans huge nipple, which makes his dick even harder. They kiss some more, and Travis nibbles on Seans ear and nipple. Sean keeps jacking his sturdy cock and his cock head swells eagerly, leaking sweet precum. We get some intense close-ups, but Travis gets the pre-cum, which he licks up eagerly, before swallowing his boyfriends sturdy dick.  
Boner worthy Brock Labelli is back and ready to whack! As he settles into the couch to watch his porn, he slowly takes his clothes off. Once naked, Brock really goes at it with his wonder wand, rubbing and finessing it to attention. His attention turns completely to the porno and with hard cock in hand, Brock reclines to achieve maximum ejaculation all over his abs!
Straight boy Rock and gay boy Chase massage their cocks while watching a porno. You want a little help. Chase asks as he leans over to suck Rocks rock hard cock. Rock loves it so much that he nuts all over Chases face. Right on. Full fucking facial. Chase screams. Rock isnt finished yet, though. I want you to fuck me now, Rock says. Chase jams his cock inside Rock and starts fucking, but Rock wants a turn on top. The two trade positions, and Rock fucks Chase like a jackhammer. Chase shoots all over, and Rock wants to cum again. He gets on the floor, flips his legs over his head and shoots a hot second load into his own mouth.
Sean Blake
Views: 23,035
Brock Labelli
Views: 24,767
Rock & Chase
Views: 23,223
Shane and Trent are back for round two but this time Trent can’t wait to have Shane in his ass! Shane shows off his pierced tongue while sucking Trent’s schlong and Trent treats Shane’s virgin ass to its first rim job and Shane can’t believe how good it feels. Soon Shane is fucking Trent’s tight ass while Trent strokes his aroused member and they finish by laying next to each other and tugging their own sticks. Trent cums first all over his bare chest and he savors his own gizz. Shane let’s out a serious load on his chest and even shoots a little into his mouth. Anyone up for round 3.  
By now, you will be happy that, thanks to Joe Serna and Defiant, you have discovered Lic and Kent and their URGES. But you will be absolutely ecstatic to discover Collin in this session, easily worth the price of this tape or DVD. Ecstatic enough to call your friends and to write. thank you. notes to Joe Serna—that is, if you can manage to do either of those things with one of the best cant-get-it-down hardons of your life. This assumes that you have a major thing for genuinely straight jocks with horny All-American FratBoy CoverBoy looks, who are open-minded and self-assured enough to hook up for a session with an obvious twink faggot who is eager to please them. Interestingly, Tye our obvious twink faggot at first doesnt seem quite as eager to please Collin as you or I might be if he happened to be on our team or in our frat maybe because he’s done some self-medicating to control his urges. We find Tye and Collin perched on Tye’s bed, with Collin rifling through Tyes DVD porn collection, asking hopefully, Got anything straight.. Fortunately, and no doubt for just this kind of opportunity to corrupt a straight stud, Tye is able to find a straight porno. From the start, as Tye moves in fast on Collins growing bulge, our favorite new straight boy rarely takes his sexy eyes off the porno.
Timmy asks if Johnny and Kenny have ever seen a bi-sexual porno before. They havent so Timmy pops one into the VCR. Timmy and Kenny are both gay but Johnny, our straight boy is rather curious to check it out gay sex that is. So show me what you do man.Johnny asks, so Timmy heads down and swallows Kennys thick cock. Johnny, reaches into Timmys boxers and starts playing with his cock while having his other hand firmly on his own cock. Kenny returns the favor on Timmy before Timmy then goes down on Johnny. The first time a guy has sucked his dick and he isn’t complaining. Kenny is ready to cum and Johnny wants him to shoots his load on him, so Kenny send hot thick stream after stream of cum on Johnny’s abs, chest and neck.
Shane & Trent
Views: 23,475
Tye & Collin
Views: 24,327
Johnny, Timmy & Kenny
Views: 23,213
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